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Cyber4Z started in 2015 with two specialists experienced in the cybersecurity domain. We now have a team with various capabilities in the field of strategic and tactical design of cyber security, IT, Privacy and Blockchain technology.

In addition, we are involved in technical and tactical implementations of complex security challenges that focus on the acceptance of new technologies in a pragmatic way. With our expertise and experience, we can guarantee the business objectives of our clients. These are widely determined by laws and regulations, customer requirements and rules of compliance.

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Who are we?

Our team consists of certified professionals. Quality is our top priority. The technical and tactical implementations we deliver from the strategic design can be externally certified against the ISO9001, ISO27001, NEN7510 or other standards. Therewith we can have our quality tested externally as well. In addition, we provide operational knowledge when it comes to technical security assessments such as penetration tests, project management, SOC / SIEM propositions with connecting services such as log management, vulnerability and compliance management, patch management, training in the field of privacy, security and blockchain technology.

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Monthly Cybernote: June 2021

European privacy supervisor: GDPR is still in its infancy

The GDPR celebrated its third anniversary at the end of May, but the privacy law is still in its infancy, says the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS). According to EDPS President Wojciech Wiewiorowski, the AVG is a three-year-old child that must first learn to walk before it can run.

For the future, Wiewiorowski believes that more should be enforced by European privacy regulators. “It's time for the GDPR to deliver, especially with regard to the major players causing systemic damage in the digital ecosystem. Our citizens can't wait any longer.”

It is also necessary, according to the EDPS Chair, for data protection authorities in the EU to grow, as enforcing the GDPR places a disproportionate burden on a few regulators. Wiewiorowski also argues for more cooperation between European privacy regulators. Finally, the EDPS Chair states that the GDPR should be used together with other laws and regulations. “In the long run, I think we need to look at more efficient solutions to protect our rights and freedoms. We need to prioritize enforcement against the greatest injustices in our digital ecosystems and meaningfully protect individuals,” said Wiewiorowski.