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Cyber4Z started in 2015 with two specialists experienced in the cybersecurity domain. We now have a team with various capabilities in the field of strategic and tactical design of cyber security, IT, Privacy and Blockchain technology.

In addition, we are involved in technical and tactical implementations of complex security challenges that focus on the acceptance of new technologies in a pragmatic way. With our expertise and experience, we can guarantee the business objectives of our clients. These are widely determined by laws and regulations, customer requirements and rules of compliance.

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Who are we?

Our team consists of certified professionals. Quality is our top priority. The technical and tactical implementations we deliver from the strategic design can be externally certified against the ISO9001, ISO27001, NEN7510 or other standards. Therewith we can have our quality tested externally as well. In addition, we provide operational knowledge when it comes to technical security assessments such as penetration tests, project management, SOC / SIEM propositions with connecting services such as log management, vulnerability and compliance management, patch management, training in the field of privacy, security and blockchain technology.

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Monthly Cybernote: February 2023

Discover the benefits of Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving challenge for organizations. That is why Cyber4Z offers Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services. A vCISO is a part-time security professional who helps organizations protect against cyber threats by assessing, planning, and implementing appropriate security controls.

The responsibilities of a vCISO include developing security policies, regulatory compliance, risk assessments, incident management, and best practice advice and guidance. A vCISO is an experienced professional who is aware of the current threat landscape and is able to provide organizations with the expertise and guidance they need.

The reason that this job title contains 'Virtual' is mainly because a vCISO is hired for an x number of hours per week, but not at fixed times. As a result, organizations enjoy the flexibility: if they have questions, a vCISO can switch quickly without having to be present at the office on a fixed day.

Hiring a vCISO allows organizations to access security expertise without having to have a full-time in-house security team, especially useful for small and medium-sized businesses. vCISOs also provide a new perspective and can help organizations identify vulnerabilities and improve security posture. They can also help organizations stay current with the latest best practices and technologies in cybersecurity and information security and in compliance with laws and regulations.

Cyber4Z has vCISO's to protect organizations against cyber attacks. You can find more information on our website under 'Services' or by sending an email.