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Cyber4Z started in 2015 with two specialists experienced in the cybersecurity domain. We now have a team with various capabilities in the field of strategic and tactical design of cyber security, IT, Privacy and Blockchain technology.

In addition, we are involved in technical and tactical implementations of complex security challenges that focus on the acceptance of new technologies in a pragmatic way. With our expertise and experience, we can guarantee the business objectives of our clients. These are widely determined by laws and regulations, customer requirements and rules of compliance.

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Who are we?

Our team consists of certified professionals. Quality is our top priority. The technical and tactical implementations we deliver from the strategic design can be externally certified against the ISO9001, ISO27001, NEN7510 or other standards. Therewith we can have our quality tested externally as well. In addition, we provide operational knowledge when it comes to technical security assessments such as penetration tests, project management, SOC / SIEM propositions with connecting services such as log management, vulnerability and compliance management, patch management, training in the field of privacy, security and blockchain technology.

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Monthly cybernote: September 2020

Information security standard ISO 27002 is updated

The international standard for information security ISO 27002 will be updated, according to the Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN). ISO 27002 is a security standard of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) entitled “Information technology - Security techniques - Practice guideline with control measures in the field of information security”.

The standard provides practical guidelines for the implementation of ISO 27001, another security standard. ISO 27001 describes the requirements of an Information Security Management System (ISMS). Organizations can use this standard to process their information security. ISO 27002 is an in-depth look at this and describes how identified risks can be limited or reduced.

"In order to keep standards relevant and up to date, they are periodically revised", according to NEN. The Standardization Institute expects that significant changes will be made during this revision, both in the structure of the document and in the content of the security controls mentioned in the security standard.

ISO has yet to vote on the revised version. Further revisions may be made following this vote. The final version of the revised ISO standard should be released next October.